Jun 2017

Week 38 - Lithuania (first week)

Posted by Stuart  So after Poland, the trip northwards continues through the Baltics. Although the countryside remains virtually unchanged, Lithuania is indeed a very different country. It feels like we have one foot in Scandinavia already and after nearly nine months on the road we have discovered people who actually love beer! It has been […]

Week 36 - Poland (first week) - Krakow to Wroclaw

This week we crossed over the border into Poland from Slovakia and a few miles in stopped to pick up two hitchhikers. ‘Do you like Poland?’, they asked.  We couldn’t really say – we’d only been in the country five minutes. But, Hania and Damian,  one week on and the answer to your question is […]

Week 35 - Hungary and Slovakia


This week we skirted along the north of Hungary and had one night in Slovakia, stopping off for a thermal bath and a spot of wine tasting. And sheltering in the van from a monumental thunder storm, there was time for some covert filming of Stuart’s funky dance moves…..take it away Stewey.   https://youtu.be/zteuONFdv4g Who […]