Irish Road Art

Driving on the N52 to Tullamore in Offaly, we pass these four 25 feet tall figures watching from the hills overlooking the motorway.


DSC_0158 (Small) (2)

They are part of the Irish Per Cent for Art scheme which sees 1% of the cost of every new road in Ireland set aside to fund a piece of art. These figures are by sculptor Maurice Harron and depict the theme Saints and Scholars. One carries a chalice, the others a book, bishop’s staff and flock of birds or souls.

Here’s  the one with the chalice.


DSC_0157 (Small)

and here’s the one with the staff.

DSC_0166 (Small)
With the stainless steel glinting in the sunlight against the backdrop of the black rain clouds, they were pretty impressive. Public money well spent.

Here’s an interesting article which gives more background on Ireland’s roadside art gallery.


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    You’ve seen the Angel of the North, now meet the ‘Angels ‘o the West’………..

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    Love these. They look great against that sky.

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      Amazing aren’t they…made us want to get closer but the hard shoulder wasn’t the most comfortable place for a leisurely viewing.

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    Looks impressive
    Is it the Celtic God of camper vans looking down at his subjects below?

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    Nearly as good as the Kelpies in Scotland. They had kelpies in Ireland too.

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      Kelpies? I have to admit I thought they were something you had on brown bread with a lightly dressed salad….have now looked and they are magnificent. The Helix in Falkirk is now on the wishlist.

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