Other Blogs/Travel Destination Reading

Here are some of the inspiring and informative blogs and books we’ve read to help us prepare for our year on the road or to give some insight to the destinations we have/will be visiting.


• Drive Nacho Drive – http://www.drivenachodrive.com/about-nacho

• Vandog Traveller -http:/vandogtraveller.com/

• www.europebycamper.com  Adam and Sophie and www.motorhomewifi.com

•  www.ourtour.co.uk – Jason and Julie 

• The World is our Lobster -http://www.theworldisourlobster.com/The_World_Is_Our_Lobster/HOME.html

• The Grey Gappers – http://thegreygappers.co.uk


Morocco – Edith Wharton

Homage to Catalonia – George Orwell

Driving Through Lemons – Chris Stewart

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree – Chris Stewart

Ghosts of Spain –  Giles Tremlett

The Rubbish Picker’s Wife – Elizabeth Gowing

Mussolini – Nicholas Farrell

Ancient Rome – The Rise and Fall of an Empire  – Simon Baker

As I walked out One Midsummer Morning – Laurie Lee

I Can’t Stay Long – Laurie Lee

A Moment of War – Laurie Lee

The Cicero Trilogy – Robert Harris

The Caliph’s House – Tahir Shah

Next Stop Execution – Oleg Gordievsky

The Simple Life – Rhonda Hetzel

927 Days of Summer – Brad and Sheena Orden

The Accursed Mountains – Robert Carver

Modern Albania: From Dictatorship to Democracy in Europe – Fred C Abrahams

Along the Enchanted Way – William Blacker

Valley of Thracians – Ellis Schuman

Bulgaria Land of Skies – Jay Margrave

A Time of Gifts – Patrick Leigh Fermor

Romania Explained – Catalin Gruia

Bulgaria Unfinished Business – Geoff Hart

Beetle Drive – Fiona Easterly

Secret Europe – Lonely Planet

Broken April – Ismail Kadare