About us – Stuart and Helen

Selfie in San Miguel de Allende – February 2020
A sunny day on the most southern tip of mainland Finland – July 2017

If Google sent you here because you are looking for a campervan mattress, then apologies.  It happens to the best of ’em.  But if you want to hang around, then welcome. 

This is our blog about our travels in our VW T25 campervan called Molly. We are currently on a 9-month road trip around Mexico and the USA and possibly Canada – if we can get insurance to drive there. That’s currently a whole bundle of fun trying to get that. Our last big trip took us on a 21,000 mile journey from the UK south to Morocco and north to Iceland and a few other countries along the way.

Thanks for visiting and if you do have any questions about our travels, we’d be happy to try and help. Our email addresses are: helen@campervanmatters.com and stuart@campervanmatters.com.


Helen and Stuart




DSC_0405 (Medium)
Molly under the glowering sky at Clifden, Co. Galway.