November 2016

Week 8 - Cadiz to Gibraltar


In our last week in Spain before heading to Morocco, we spent a few days in Cadiz, travelled on to the famously windy town of Tarifa before crossing the border to Gibraltar. On the Rock,  it was all change. Our van Molly went for an overnight stay at a garage for a full once over. […]

Week 7 - From Seville to Jerez

This week we experienced the food,  fino and flamenco of Andalusia, staying three days in Seville – still not enough time to do the city justice – before heading south to Jerez. We  saw some curious sights on the way – the pilgrimage village of El Rocio in Huelva where the sand-covered streets are designed […]

Week 6 - Extremadura to La Mancha


This week we travelled from Extremdadura where Stuart was able to get in a day’s fishing and on into New Castile. And in our own quest to see the flat plains of the Meseta, we followed in the trail of the brave knight Don Quixote of La Mancha before turning south to visit the beautiful […]