Van facts and useful links

A few details about the van and useful contacts. We’ve used this as the place to keep useful information for reference as and when we need it so if it looks a little nerdy- sorry.


Adam and Sophie at Motorhome WiFi

This was the first blog that we followed covering a 12 month trip touring Europe through over 20 countries and 20,000 miles.

We bought our wifi boosting and mifi kit from them at the Peterborough Show earlier this year and hope we can master the technology. Adam has been great responding to our queries as we stumble on.

Mike at CAK Tanks

(An amazing catalogue with virtually everything to fettle your campervan; we bought our underslung water and waste water tanks here)
Malcolm, Tracey and Carl at M&D Autos Telephone: 020 8942 1911 email:  (Our local garage, who have been great since we bought the van in 2014- no pressure guys but 20,000 miles to do and no breakdowns please )
Michael at Brickwerks Sales to find volt and oil temperature meters here to help monitor our old engine)

Jed at CampervanCulture travel and very helpful technical videos with really good music; now a great source of all things T25)

Michael, Shaun and Carolyn at Just Kampers in Hampshire 0345 121 5656 (Easy to use and competitively priced; great service; their summer open weekend is great fun)

Vicarious Books (A really good selection of books that are really useful for our trip in 2016/17)
Fattore Amico is an Italian farm and vineyard stopover scheme similar to France Passion. (This sounds a hoot; we plant to turn up at various farms who provide a free space to camp with an expectation that we will buying their wine, olive oil and cheese. Planning to be in northern Italy in January/February so looking forward to this Buy the book from Vicarious Books and that pays for the subscription.)
ACSI card (We have heard this is a good idea but not used it before- we will see)

Stanford’s Bookshop,  Covent Garden, London – the largest map shop in the world.  (We found maps for Albania, remote Romania and central Morocco here)




Van Facts 


  • VW T25 Autohomes Komet  1990
  • Engine: 1.6TD
  • Colour: Timor Beige 
  • Dimensions: 4570mm long x 2591mm high  x1850mm wide
  • Weight: Fully laden 2.35 Tonnes; Un-laden weight is 1.78 tonnes which includes a full fuel tank, 54 Litres of water, two gas bottles, tools and the spare wheel. Load capacity is 0.57 Tonnes
  • Tyres: 185R14c M&S; Front pressure 3.0 Bar (43 Lbs.); Rear pressure 3.7 Bar (53 Lbs.); Spare 3.7 Bar (53 Lbs.)
  • Gas: 907 Calor Gaz holds  2.75kgs of gas; the three way fridge uses approx. 187g-257g grams/24 hours so one 907 canister would last 10-14 days – depending on the hot the weather is *
  • Leisure battery: 46 Amp-hours; through our inverter, in theory, this will power a laptop for about 6 hours (i.e. 75W/12V= 6.25A/hour so 46/6.25 = 7.4 hours x say 80% efficiency -> 6 hours.*
  • Fresh water tank: 41 Litres
  • Waste water tank: 31 Litres
  • Oil type and capacity: 5 Litres of semi synthetic 15w-40w
  • Fuel :  60 Litres of diesel
  • Range on a single fill:  300 miles*
  • Awning: Fiamma Campervanstore 2.9m wide

*….means “or so I’m told” Will be amending these as reality dawns.

phone aug import 491 (Small)

Works undertaken so far including replacing parts which although not broken may expire during the year on the road .

Main battery

Leisure battery


Starter motor

Clutch kit

Throttle cable

  • Glo plugs and relay
  • Dampers front and rear
  • Brake cylinders, drums, discs and pads
  • Timing belt kit
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat
  • Oil temperature gauge
  • Voltage gauge
  • Tailgate struts
  • Wheel bearings front and back
  • Reversing sensors
  • WiFi booster kit
  • MiFi mobile phone kit
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • All curtains and rear upholstery
  • Charging points for phones etc.
  • Wiper blades front and back
  • Oh and ….the buzzer of doom (killed off after a trip to the Ardennes when it would not stop.