January 2017

Week 18 - Sardinia

We spent this week in Sardinia travelling down the west coast and round to Cagliari and found ourselves following an intriguing trail of abandoned mines and Mussolini’s Facist New Towns…not quite what we were expecting from a destination we had associated more with emerald seas and white sand beaches… …though we saw a fair few […]

Week 17 - Corsica

We spent this week in Corsica. Getting here was easy – but trying to get off the island to travel to Sardinia proved a lot more challenging. And the scarcity of campsites continued. We could only find one that stayed open over the winter. The bad news was it was for naturists. But surely no-one wants […]

Week 14 - El Jadida to Ceuta - leaving Morocco

This week – our last week in Morocco – we drove the 500 mile journey from Essaouira to the Spanish border at Ceuta. In the coming weeks, we have a couple of deadlines looming – a van service and tyre change appointment near Carcassonne and a ferry booking to Sicily – so we didn’t have […]