CSI Van-style


The beautifying of the van continues….this week’s task was to remove the really skanky carpet in the footwells and around the gear stick and replace it with black rubber. Here’s how:

4 june phone upload 3606 (Small) (Small)

Step 1

Pull up the carpet from around the gear stick. Stop a moment to admire how smart the footwells look now they’ve been covered. Don’t angst too much over the hole you accidentally poked in the rubber bit around the gear stick with the scissors. Not sure what that does anyway.

Step 2

Lay the carpet over the rubber and draw a rough template in chalk CSI-style. Cut out and glue down.

A triumph. (Vauxhall actually)

4 june phone upload 3608 (Small)
Pattern cutting on the patio
4 june phone upload 3609 (Small)
The chalked out template
DSC_0185 (Small)
The finished work – especially for you Colin 🙂


The capsule wardrobe challenge is looming


I’ve never quite managed the art of the ‘capsule’ holiday wardrobe – you know the sort of packing advice you get in women’s mags where you are assured that with a few carefully co-ordinated pieces you can glide from beach to poolside cocktail party with one artful twist of a sarong and an accent colour cardi. But the big trip is getting closer and the challenge involved in packing enough clothes for a year on the road with no space is clear. So how do I get this….
4 june phone upload 3630 (Small)

..into this?
DSC_0182 (Small)

With all the other stuff we’ve got to carry inside the van, it is looking like my clothes storage is going to consist of one and possibly half of another of these plastic boxes. That ain’t much. Apparently the secret is to squash everything into these Tardis-like Eagle Creek zip up holders. We’ll see.