Stuart, Helen and their T25 VW campervan on a road trip through Mexico and the USA

Week 49  - The Faroe Islands

  We spent this week travelling the length and breadth of the Faroe Islands which is actually very easy to do. The roads are excellent and most of the islands are linked by subsea tunnels so we had no problem taking the van everywhere. We started the week basing ourselves at a campsite near Sorvag […]

Week 48 - ferries and getting to the Faroes

We have spent most of this week on ferries. First we had to get from Norway to Denmark which involved an overnighter from Bergen to Hirtshals. Then we had a two night crossing to get from Denmark to the Faroe Islands where we will be spending the next week. And first impressions of the Faroes? […]

Week 47 - Norway - Roros to Bergen

We spent this week in Norway, travelling from Roros near the border with Sweden across the country to Bergen on the southwest coast. As we’ve only a short time here, we booked ourselves on the ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ tour (thanks for the tip Mr Greer!). It’s 12 solid hours of all your fantasies about […]

Week 46 - Vilhelmina to Sundsvall


  Only six more of these posts to go and we will be home. We’ve already served the section 21 notice on our tenants asking them to vacate the property. Sending a formal legal letter threatening a Court order if we don’t get possession by the agreed date did feel a tad heavy handed. We’ve […]