A fish in every country (plus one)

Posted by Stuart

One of my aims for the trip is to fish in every country we visit over the next year. As a precursor, we are in Kilkenny in Ireland this week to see Helen’s mum before we set off and my birthday present was a day’s salmon fishing on the nearby River Nore at the Mount Juliet estate.

Mount Juliet in Kilkenny
Mount Juliet in Kilkenny

Although I have been fishing on and off since I was 14 I have never caught a salmon despite much trying so to be honest everyone’s expectations were low.

Eddie, the gillie, and his Patterdale terrier Jack looked after me and confirmed it has been a difficult season.

Eddie and Jack
Eddie and Jack

Sure enough there was not even a sniff of a fish all morning. So after lunch I set off up river on my own.


After an hour or two I came to a lovely pool, cast a few times with my trout rod and hooked into a salmon. After a few leaps (from the fish) and much toing and froing ( by me) I eventually had to jump into the river and lift it out on to the bank. My first salmon and on the fly!!


A brief rest for a photo op before swimming back into the Nore
A brief rest for a photo op before swimming back into the Nore

Of course, it went back into the river and after a few moments it swum slowly into the pool.

And that was it- after all these years with not a soul anywhere to see it happen – just me standing there trying to believe that it really did happen, the river flowing past, the rain pouring down and a dipper, its white front bobbing up and down, on the river’s edge.

The little Dipper


By this time it was lashing down, my waders were full of water so I headed back to the hotel, a grin plastered across my face, looking for someone to tell.

8 thoughts on “A fish in every country (plus one)”

  1. Mount Juliet……….a beautiful place if ever there was one! Must have been lovely to get that salmon….things like this always happen when there’s no-one else around, their meant for you not for sharing as an old mate of mine once said…………

    1. Sorry Ive been a while replying- it has been a tad hectic both in Ireland and then back home what with a farewell party (i.e. everyone is glad to finally see the back of us) to recover from. Now finally on the road, at Portsmouth now and then off to Spain tomorrow.

  2. Well done Stuart, reminds me of your fishing attempt on Loch Moror many moons ago. So well done again a triumph.

  3. A worthy catch after all this time! Pity I wasn’t there to witness and photograph the big event, but there will be plenty more…..

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