Into The Wild (camp shower)

Wild camping will be challenging in our T25 because while our van has many wonderful qualities, an en-suite bathroom is not one of them. Drawing a discreet veil over toilet arrangements, here’s how we propose to keep clean when we are out in the wilderness or staying on a campsite where the facilities are a tad basic. It’s a shower kit we’ve just bought from for about £150.

And here it is in the photo – the shower kit comprises a gas boiler (the green box), a pump (immersed in the bucket of water) and the shower spray attachment. We supplied the gas canister, the bucket and the toilet tent which acts as a shower cubicle. Last weekend at the Minifest gathering at Tenantry Farm, near Salisbury, we had our first opportunity to test out our new purchase. And it worked impressively.image

The pump in action heating the last drop

It works by plugging the pump into the van’s 12v electrics and then attaching the pump to the gas boiler. The water  is brought immediately to almost scalding temperature as it is pumped through to the shower head. One bucket  is as much water as you need to wash your hair and have a decent length shower.

The only issues – it is a two-man job as while the showeree is taking up position in the tent, the showeror needs to switch on the boiler, hand over the shower spray and also watch that the pump doesn’t drain to the end. So the verdict so far, apart from wondering if we can turn the temperature of the water down a notch, is a positive review from us on the Campervan Culture shower kit.

Handing over the shower spray
Handing over the shower spray
Finish off your shower with a nice warm foot bath
Finish off your shower with a nice warm foot bath

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  1. It looks very nice although I can see plenty of flat batteries, especially if the shower cubicle is large enough for 2, just thinking.

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