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Journey’s End – Planning it Already?

So we booked the start of our journey some time ago, a Brittany Ferries trip from Portsmouth to Bilbao departing in late September. (Less than 90 days to go and counting). And now we have also booked our ferry for the end of the trip (well almost) to take us from Denmark to Iceland and back.

If you’ve seen Trapped, the recent Scandi-noir thriller set in Iceland (very good), then you’ll already be familiar with the MS Norrona as it plays a key role in the drama. It is the only ferry to Iceland and it looks very large and the Icelandic port looks very small. Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (he is very large too) will soon be a household name- well perhaps not.image

Randi, our Smyril Line Travel Consultant has been very helpful with suggesting options and pricing so we’ve opted to go for the stop over in the Faroes and the luxury of a cabin with a window. We now have a confirmed booking to depart in August 2017  from Hirtshals at the top of the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark, stopping at Toshavn and spending a week in the Faroes and then on to Seydisfjodur in Iceland for two weeks. Then it’s a direct sail back to Denmark giving us three nights aboard. Plenty of time to reflect on the year of travel that will be almost over by then.

At about 2500 euros plus meals (and perhaps the occasional beverage) this is by far the most expensive part of our trip but we reckon well worth it and the trip will be a great way to end our year. After all, how many people do you know who have campervanned in the Faroes?
Posted by Stuart